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Wondering what to do if your home loses heat unexpectedly? Take a look at the questions below and follow the appropriate corresponding steps to determine if you are experiencing a heating system emergency. For emergency service CT service area, call us at 860-447-3835 right away

Know What to Do If Your Home Loses Heat

    Is your emergency switch on?
    Is there enough heating oil in your tank?
    Is the thermostat set above current room temperature?
    If your thermostat is electronic, are the batteries dead?
    Press the RELAY RESET button on the relay box located on your heating system. PRESS ONCE ONLY.
    Check the fuse boxes for blown fuses or circuit panel for tripped circuits.
    Check burner switches. Be sure they are in the “on” position. There is one near the burner and usually one at the top of the basement stairs.

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